What is SICM?

The Student Institute of Campus Ministry is a one-week intensive training in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for college students who want to take seriously Jesus’ call on their life to “Go make disciples.” Ever since 1993, college students have come to SICM from across the country – sometimes from around the world – to learn from experienced campus missionaries how to make a difference for Jesus on their campuses.

What do you for the week?

Jesus taught His disciples through His words and His actions (Acts 1:1), so that’s what we do. We spend time in the classroom unpacking Jesus’ method of discipleship and evangelism, study His approach to small group leadership of His original 12 disciples, and teach effective Bible Study skills. But then we go out and actually do the stuff we’re talking about! We’ll spend a day on campus doing evangelism. You’ll inductively study a book of the Bible for yourself. You’ll even discuss real-life discipleship case studies with other aspiring student leaders from around the country. Your experience will be a Jesus-modeled week of words and actions.

Who will I be learning from?

Jesus also made disciples in the context of relationships! So we want to get to know you while you’re here, too. Our Staff is a mix of young and old, experienced and rookie, married and single, men and women. From our Director, Brady Bobbink, who’s been doing campus ministry for more than 45 years, to our Interns, who were college students like you just last year, and have spent this school year in full-time training to be disciple-makers wherever they go next. Whether we’re teaching, kicking back at lunch, or chauffeuring you around for the week, we want your training to come in the context of relationship with us.

How much does SICM cost?

Once you’re here, we’ll take care of all your materials, lodging and food. We know generous families here in town who believe in making Jesus famous on your college campus. They are already excited to host you for SICM week in their homes, to pray for you, and to welcome you into their family life. Because of their hospitality, we are able to offer this week-long conference for just $180. All you need to do is get yourself here, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Where do I sign up?

Online! Click on the links to the right for the dates you want to come (we offer SICM in May and June). Or email us at kelsey@ccfministry.com, or call our office at (360) 676-8612. If you want more information on our local Chi Alpha ministry here in Bellingham, go to our website: www.ccfministry.com.